Date with the Devil

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So lately those extra few (and by few I mean 5) kilos that seemed like a good idea in Europe (you know eating pasta and drinking sangria and stuffing my face full of gelato) have decided to take up permanent residency on my body. Yep, they have found themselves a wonderful home on my thighs and my bum and have decided that they aren’t leaving. Ever.  Now let me tell you about me and exercise, we have a kind of hate hate relationship.  We see each other occasionally and we breakup often and neither of us  are really that into each other.  But in the end we always seem to get back together. I have tried it all, personal trainers, Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, aerobics, running, walking, exercise with friends, exercise alone, gyms, fancy machines, hypoxi – Yet I can’t seem to find my ‘thing’.  My dad would argue that my ‘thing’ doesn’t exist – and he is probably right.  I. HATE. everything.  However that didn’t stop me from wanting to try the latest ‘thing’ I saw on Instagram.  It’s called Lagree and I wanted in.

So I booked 10 personal sessions of something that I had no clue about (10 SESSIONS!!). I mean, those few (5) kilos aren’t going to lose themselves.  I arrived early to my first appointment on a Friday and watched as lovely women slowly moved their bodies on machines that kind of looked like Pilates reformers.  Ah yes, this is more my speed – lots of stretching not much running around. I was thinking yep, this one is for me.  The class finished and as the lovely ladies left the room I noticed that they were all out of breath, sweating and looking like they were in some serious pain.  Did I miss something?  What had they been doing before I got there?  And as Jill (my beautiful instructor) guided me into the room I suddenly had that ‘oh my lord, shi* is about to go down’ feeling. “Okay Natalie, shoes and socks off and let’s get on the machine” – In other words “Okay Natalie, welcome to hell”.

A machine that makes your body control every muscle all of the time is not a machine I want to associate myself with but… 10 SESSIONS!!! I couldn’t run, I had no choice but to get on and get on with it.  My muscles were shaking – so much so that I looked like there was something really wrong with me – I was  concerned  and it must have shown in my face because Jill kept saying “the shaking is good, keep going, you are okay” so I kept going. It was like a 45 minute dance with the Devil. I wanted to cry. At this point you are probably thinking to yourself that this is something you should absolutely avoid. You are wrong!  I left there thinking how the hell am I going to go back there on Monday?  I told my husband “I can’t do it, I’ve just been to hell and I have to go back another 9 times!”  I had all the usual first work out symptoms – I couldn’t sit on the toilet or laugh or cough or even lay down without something hurting but by Monday my body had recovered and as much as I hated it I couldn’t wait to go back. So I went back and beautiful Jill was there again with a huge smile and her encouraging words,  and I did it again. It burned like hell and I hated every minute, and then I was done and I couldn’t wait to go back and do it again. It’s addictive. Like a drug. My muscles ache every day post work out, that’s how I know it’s working.  Just the other day Jill said to me “look, your triceps are starting to form up” And when I got home I surveyed my body – There are the tiniest little muscles below my ribs just starting to poke through. Could this be the start of some abs?

Now, let me tell you that I am a far (very, very  far) cry from where I want need to be, but things are starting to take shape (no pun intended).

And of course when you are just starting to feel a tad bit impressed with your efforts there is nothing like a Victoria Secret Show to bring you crashing back down to Earth. Damn you European vacation. Damn you.

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