To Birk or not to Birk? That is the question…

By October 29, 2014 Fashion, Featured, The Latest

Forget about the twerk, it’s all about the birk.  Okay, so I think we need to take a minute (or the length of this post which is more than likely longer than a minute) to talk about a topic that has been extremely popular, yet I am not sure where I stand on it… Birkenstocks. #firstworldproblems.

Let me welcome you to the inside of my brain in which one half is ‘Yes, go the Birks’ (insert fist pump here for dramatic emphasis) and the other half is like… ‘Sister, NO’ (insert head movement and one hand up in the air, also for dramatic emphasis).

I want to love them, I do. They have been seen on the ultra-cool celebrities for some time now but I am still yet to see them on the fabulous feet of O.P, S.J.P or V.B – The three women who, for me, are still killing it in the fashion stakes.  I don’t know if I love them.  I don’t know why I don’t know if I love them.   The more I see them, the more I think I want them.

They were all over Perth Fashion Festival this year, hence why they are so front and centre in my mind right now. I can tell you that should I purchase a pair, I will NOT be wearing them with socks as some have suggested.

Maybe it’s one of those trends that you feel that you should like and second guess yourself when you don’t. Surely if Tash and Elle from They All Hate Us are adorning their feet in this season’s must-have item then you should want in too, right?!

So, Women of the World… Am I alone? Is anyone else having these thoughts about the Birks?  Have you bought a pair and loved them, or tried a pair and hated them?  Tell me, please.  Surely I cannot be alone in the battle of the Birks?








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Purchase Birkenstock $101 here; purchase Target $15 here; purchase Hobbs $99.95 here; Purchase Dotti  $29.95 here

So, what to do when you are not sure what to do? Dip your toe into the trend, in my case, with a pair of $15 slide-like Birks from Target to see if you like them. In the event that you decide you love them, you can always go back for the real deal and if not, it’s only cost you $15…

Until next time…

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