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Official TPFF PhotographerWith all the hype of TPFF (Mum and Dad, TPFF stands for Telstra Perth Fashion Festival) my little Miss had been feeling like she was missing out (I am sure my family had forgotten what I looked like) so it was so lovely that Target asked us to sit front row at the Fashion Central Target Fashion show and then interview Samantha Jade after the show. Eeeeeeek.

Firstly, Target’s new collection is AMAZING!  Yes, you heard it here first!  Secondly, Danni Minogue’s petite collection for Target was even more AMAZING (yes I am putting AMAZING in caps lock).  There was colour, some monochrome, some coveted looks straight from the runways in Europe and even an LBD to-die-for.  Perth girl, Samantha Jade was singing  as gorgeous models debuted the new Spring Summer collection.  It was a perfect (albeit 35 degree) day!

My daughter wouldn’t be my daughter unless she spent some time preparing her look for our big day, and of course she is my daughter and of course she spent some time preparing her look.  It was nice to be able to share the excitement of TPFF (Mum and Dad, remember Telstra Perth Fashion Festival) with her.

I don’t know who was more excited to interview the incredibly beautiful Samantha Jade but I do know It was my daughter who was more organised though.  I left my phone in the car, my camera went flat and so all we had was her I-pad… lucky we had her I-pad!

 Official TPFF Photographer Official TPFF Photographer Official TPFF Photographer

 5 Minutes with Samantha Jade

SC:  Welcome home Samantha.

SJ: Thank you very much.

SC: You have an amazing voice, its the first time I have heard you live and you were incredible!

SJ: Thank you so much, that’s very sweet.

SC: So, what do you think of Danni Minogue’s new range for Target?

SJ: I love it, I really do love it because I am very small (she is very, very small – her waist is soooo tiny)  and find it so hard to find clothes that fit that I don’t have to take in or take up .  Its so nice to buy something and wear it straight away. I loved everything from Target today.

SC: The whole collection was beautiful what was your favourite piece?

SJ: I love this LBD, (and she points to the one that she is wearing, a one shoulder body con dress) I love black dresses and the cut of this one in particular.  The pink that was coming down the runway was amazing also.  The blazer is my favourite thing from her collection though.  I love blazers and the cut of this one is perfect for me.  A blazer is so versatile.  You can wear almost anything and dress it up with a blazer.  Definitely the Blazer from Danni Minogue for Target is my favourite piece.

SC: Describe your style?

SJ: I would say simple, not too much colour – I love black, white and denim, I am not a huge colour person , I like the basics.  I have only just learnt that though. I try colour and I like splashes of colour, like a splash of orange somewhere into the outfit but I always come back to the basics.  Black and white just so classic.

SC: What do you think of Perth fashion and how does it compare to Sydney, which is where you are based now?

SJ: I find that we come up with some great designers here in Perth, I love Zhivago, they are one of my favourites.  I think that Perth does fashion really well.  We have our own style here in Perth and its different from the other states, a bit more laid back and still so gorgeous.

SC: What is next for you in regards to music?

SJ: I have just come back from LA two days ago. I came back from writing so finishing up  on my album and putting the final touches on my single.  its just really about getting back to work, this year has been hard there has been a lot going on so I’m just trying to throw myself back into it.

SC: You took some time off at the beginning of the year…

SJ:I needed some time off then, and now I am just trying to get back into work and not pushing it too hard, I’m taking it easy.

SC: Thank you very much for the chat, good luck with everything you have coming up!

SJ: Thank you


Special thank you to Target and Samantha Jade for giving us the opportunity to be part of the fantastic day.  And an extra special thank you to my budding fashionista and videographer for all your help.  Alexia, you were amazing!

Until next time…

 Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2014: (Photo credit  Stefan Gosatti official photographer of the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival)


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